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About the Proud Colombian Author of this Site

My name is Fernando and I am a proud Colombian citizen.

Here I will include topics about what I like and do for a living.
This is me ... FERCHO and this a sample of what I doControl System

I am an ISA Certified Automation Professional, CAP. That is, I am a Process Control Engineer (or an Automation Engineer) with certification from the International Society of Automation, ISA.

What the heck is a Control Engineer????

Well, my background is Chemical Engineering but my specialization is Automatic Process Control. Simply put, my job is to make sure that an industrial manufacturing process is able to be controlled in an automatic manner without being baby-sitted. Got it??

Here is the company I proudly work for Optimo Group Inc. I work as a Process Control Consultant

Basically I help industrial plants perform to their best by optimizing the performance of their automation systems and thus their process. Typically savings and profits are generated when an industrial process is optimized and its automation system performance is enhanced.

Optimo Group Inc.

I am a Senior Member of the International Society Automation, (ISA). I teach technical seminars at ISA Expos and enjoy participating in Automation Congresses of Automation. Do you want to know more about plant automation and indsutrial instrumentation? Or do you want to know more about ISA's CAP program? Well, click on ISA logo to know more about it !!!

[ISA logo]

Click here to read the latest article I wrote for ISA's InTech magazine.

The article is titled: "Never Forget the Funtamentals of Process Controls"

Click here to see a presentation on Advanced Control Techniques I presented to the ISA Indianapolis Section.

The presentation is titled: "Advanced Control Techniques"

I am a member of the Colombian Association of Automation (ACA). I like to participate in the Colombian Congresses of Automation with articles and papers based on what I have researched and done during my professional career.

[ACA logo]

Congreso ACA

The 13th Latin American Congress of Automatic Control was held in Venezuela in 2006. During this event, people from Latin America (and other continents), who are into this Automation thing, get together and talk about developments in the field.

Latin American Congress on Automatic Control

For more information about Automatic Process Control, I invite you to visit the site of the International Federation of Automatic Control ( IFAC).

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En español también hay descripción.

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What else do I like? Soccer nut

But of course, SOCCER !!!!! (or FUTBOL in Spanish)

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