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Colombian Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation and Computational Nanoscience Specialist

Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero is one of 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the Twentieth Century by Cambridge

Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero, from Cali, Colombia, is the Director of the Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Materials and Process Simulation Center at California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Dr. Jaramillo-Botero education is very extensive; in 1995-1998 he became a Doctor in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain. In 1988-1989 he went to State University of New York, Binghamton, New York, and got his Master of Science in Computer Science; 1982-1986 at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, he finished his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering; he did his high school at the Colegio Colombo-Británico in Cali, Colombia.

Dr. Jaramillo-Botero was named one of 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the Twentieth Century by (I.B.C.), Cambridge, U.K. for outstanding contributions in Nanoscale Computational Dynamics.

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